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The Money Team (TMT) South Africa on Dollar $ war with Rich Gang of Ivan...

 How to Last Longer During Sex without Difficulty!!!!

How to Last Longer During Sex without Difficulty!!!
For a girl, multiple orgasms are a fun thing to experience.
But when you’re a guy, ejaculating too soon can spell doom to your sex life.
As a guy, premature ejaculation can leave you feeling frustrated, dejected, and arm-twist you into losing all your confidence when it comes to matters of the bedroom.
It’s unfortunate that you have to deal with this, but fret not, because there are really fun ways to learn to last longer in bed.
All it takes is a bit of effort and a bit of time.
How to last longer during sex
If you want to last longer during sex and you’re not really suffering from a medical condition, then these tips will definitely help you last a lot longer. After all, you need to remember that the experience of sex is more in the head than in between your legs.
If you feel confident about your sexual capabilities, you’d definitely be able to perform better with your woman.
Don’t let premature ejaculation get in the way of a great sex life. Instead, learn to get better at controlling your ejaculation and everything will feel just fine.
And here’s a startup tip for you, if you ever end up ejaculating within a few minutes, don’t hate yourself for it. Lie back and rest for a half an hour or so. You’ll be ready by then and raring to go, and you’ll definitely last a lot longer and satisfy her better too!
Everyday tips to have sex for long
Here are a few everyday tips that can help you enjoy better and longer sex over time. Just like a long term diet and workout plan, these everyday tips won’t help you tonight, but they’ll definitely make you a sex god potential over time.
#1 Masturbate regularly. If you haven’t ejaculated for a long time, it’ll be harder to hold on while having sex. Spend some alone time with yourself at least a few times a week so you never let the horniness get out of hand!
#2 Controlled ejaculation. Now every guy masturbates now and then. But how often do you do it? If you have some time by yourself, get busy with the little guy, but don’t rush it. Spend at least an hour watching porn or thinking naughty while masturbating.
But each time you’re on the verge of ejaculating, hold yourself back and think about something else. The more you practice holding back during masturbation, the better you’d get at controlling your ejaculation.
#3 Speak to your doctor. If you’re having a really difficult time making sex last, perhaps you need to speak with your doctor for an immediate temporary cure. Your doctor can prescribe a few pills for you, which can help you last longer while you work on the other techniques at the same time.
#4 Workout and kegels. Workout everyday and you’ll feel a lot better in no time. Working out improves your blood flow and makes you feel fitter. And even if you lose an erection because you shot the gun too soon, you’ll be ready again in no time.
Another alternative are kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are a set of exercises that focus on the pelvic muscles. When you contract and relax your muscles around your pelvis, the pubococcygeus muscle of your pelvis get stronger over time. And that helps you get rock hard erections, and gives you better control of your ejaculations.

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Having a toned, †at stomach is often one of the ultimate goals among people trying to get healthier. Though all sorts of fancy contraptions have been marketed for improving abdominal muscles, they are not necessary. Instead of doing countless sit-ups, you can sculpt the perfect †at stomach with one simple exercise. Why This Works The reason that this exercise is so beneficial is because it targets all of the core muscles at the same time. Instead of only activating the surface muscles, which are commonly called the “six pack,” this exercise targets the transverse abdominous, the gluteus maximus, and anterior deltoids. 

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As studies in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise have proven, an exercise that activates all muscles at once is most likely to improve strength, stability, and overall fitness.

 The key reason that this exercise flattens the stomach is because it works out the transverse abdominous. The transverse abdominous is a muscle that runs sideways beneath the top layer of abdominal muscles. It is responsible for pulling in and tightening your entire core. Common sit ups do not use the transverse abdominous, but this often ignored muscle is the one that can make your stomach flatter and your waist smaller. 

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How It Is Done 

In order to gain the maximum benefits, it is necessary to ensure that you are in the correct position. An improper position can result in injury to the spine or muscles. The body should be absolutely straight and still throughout the exercise. 

  • Start with your hands and knees on the ground.
  •  Make sure that your palms flat onto the floor at roughly a shoulder’s width apart. 
  • Elongate your neck and lift your head so that your nose is facing thefloor and your face is parallel to the ground. 
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  • Slowly extend your right leg back and rest your weight on your toes. Then extend your left leg to the same position.
  •  The weight of your body should be entirely on your hands and your toes. Your buttocks should be slightly lower than your shoulders, and your whole body should extend in a single straight line from the top of your head to your heels. 
  • Tighten your midsection and slowly breathe in and out throughout the exercise. 
  • Hold this position for as long as you can, up to 60 seconds. 
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  • Slowly lower your knees to the floor and lean back so that you are sitting on your heels, and rest. 
  • Repeat the entire process three times. Though this exercise might sound simple, it can actually be quite difficult to do at first. You may have to start out holding it for a shorter period of time and gradually build up your endurance. The eventual goal is to be able to hold the exercise for 60 seconds at a time. By doing a few repetitions of this exercise every day for a month, you can gain a flat, toned stomach and improve other important muscle groups too. 

Amooti undresses the BIVULU promoter on stage for money

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The last dance of Bbaale Francis

8 Signs Which Prove You Have A Girl Who Will Love You Forever

#6 She loves to give you surprises

#1 She loves you for your nature, not for your work

#2 She values and respects you a lot

#3 She never becomes a hindrance in your work

#4 She never tries to change you and loves you the way you are

#6 She loves to give you surprises

#7 She listens to you every time without arguing

#8 She thinks for you before herself

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Bukomansimbi woman MP burial for Tuesday

The late Bukomansimbi district woman MP Susan Namaganda popularly known as "Bbeeyi Yabirime" will be buried on Tuesday at Serinya-Kawoko in Bukomansimbi district at 2: pm.

The burial arrangements have been confirmed by the deceased's husband Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP and Democratic Party (DP) vice president at his residence in Kizungu zone, Makindye division. 

According to the tentative program released, the casket will be taken to Makindye on Sunday from the funeral service where it is currently kept. 

On Monday, the casket will be transported to Lubaga cathedral before being transferred to the parliament for recognition. The casket will then be transported to Bukomansimbi for the burial ceremony.

Meanwhile Samuel Semugaba, Kiboga West MP who transported Namaganda to Nakaseero hospital for treatment explained to the mourners that he was on his way from Mbarara to Kampala to attend a wedding ceremony when he found the incident.

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